"I no longer feel alone.
I know I have supports –
something I never had in my life."

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Everyday Stella’s Circle provides support to those in our community who need us most. But we cannot do it alone.

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Stella’s Circle receives $19,000 CDN thanks to the vision of St. Bon’s student, Claire MacLeod

July 15, 2015

Now here's a story of commitment and fun! Project for Awesome (P4A), an initiative of the Foundation to Decrease World Suck, was first organized in 2007 whereby thousands of people post videos about and advocating for charities that decrease the overall level of world suck. In 2014, Claire MacLeod, a student at St. Bon’s, developed and submitted a video about Stella’s Circle. Based on the number of online votes received for Stella’s Circle, the organization received $19,000 CDN!

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Stella’s Circle Presents Photography Exhibit Focusing on Stigma within the Criminal Justice System

June 19, 2015

St. John's, NL - Stella's Circle opened a photography exhibition, "Through My Eyes" today at The Rooms.  The exhibit, by seven women who are participants of Stella's Circle programs, was created as an expression of their experience with the criminal justice system.

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The Hungry Heart Café is our flagship restaurant and catering business on Rawlins Cross. It's a business with a mission to help adults build careers in the food industry. We look forward to serving you.